WHEN: 05.26.2021 | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT

The Honest Review of AWS Databases

Learn how to leverage the full potential of the AWS Databases portfolio.

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What will you learn?

Operational Experience

Knowing what's available on the platform is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of those solutions are advertised as drop-in replacements. Is it true? How to avoid pitfalls?

Workload Management

NoSQL or SQL? OLAP or OLTP? What is the difference between a full column and key-value storages? Polyglot persistence should give opportunities, not headaches.

Escape Decision Paralysis

The choice is excellent and can enable use cases outside of your reach with an old approach, except when it's overwhelming. Learn with us how to use those services properly.

Cost Efficiency

What's the point of using fully-managed service if it is insanely expensive? During the webinar, you will learn how to avoid such traps.

Pragmatic Polyglotism

Polyglot persistence provides many opportunities. However, as everything in IT, it can be misused. We want to share a pinch of pragmatism, that will not spoil the whole idea but help.

Even (or especially) in the microservices environment, databases can significantly affect the architecture of your solution. During our webinar, we share best practices that will help with keeping your architecture clean and robust.

Software Architecture


A portfolio of fully-managed databases available on the AWS platform can be overwhelming. We know that, so our goal is to give you a pragmatic view of the available options, that should be your asset.



The Honest Review of AWS Databases Portfolio

Knowing what is available on the platform is one thing, but using it effectively is a different story. That's why we need to talk pragmatically about it!

10:00 AM

Even if we do our best, we cannot cover all aspects that you may be interested in - that's why we reserve 30 minutes for a dedicated Q&A session.


11:00 AM

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Co-founder and AWS Certified Database Specialist

AWS Maniac. Also, generalist and seasoned cloud architect with 12+ years of experience, that loves to teach and share his expertise. Fan of choosing the right tool for the job, but in a pragmatic way. His motto is to learn new stuff about AWS daily passionately.